About Me

I have 16+ years experience as a physical therapist.  I went back to school and got my DPT degree in 2010.  I’ve achieved the following certifications over the years:

  1. Mckenzie Cert MDT
  2. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  3. Functional Movement Systems FMS Level 1 and Level 2 and SFMA Certification
  4. Grey Institute Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)
  5. USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach


So what does all that signify?

In a nutshell it means that I have a passion for helping people to move better.  I want to show people how they can manage and move past their limitations in daily life and in their sport of choice.  I don’t want people to feel limited by age, fear or lack of knowledge.

I’m a swimmer, biker, runner (aka triathlete) skier, former rower, hiker and occasional tennis and softball player.  Essentially I hate to sit still.  While I don’t expect everyone to want to move as much as I do, I don’t want to see anyone not move because they don’t believe they can.

In my efforts to understand how to help myself, my patients and my athletes move better, recover effectively  from injury and prevent future injuries I’m constantly learning, reading, listening, seeking out people who are experts in their field so that I can take what they’ve learned and apply it.

Writing is another passion.  I’ve started a blog many times in my head.  I’ve “written” posts and synopses about things I’ve learned, patients and athletes who’ve responded extremely well and breakthroughs in my own training.  Occasionally they’ve made it on to paper.  Now I plan to follow through for real.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am a recent PT grad. I am considering taking either the sfma or the cafs to improve my ability to screen for movement dysfunction in patients. I noticed that you have both. If you are tight money, which would you recommend for now that has the most benefit for your practice?
    Thank you for your time.


    • As a new grad I would take the SFMA first. It provides a clear, quick screening tool that you can make treatment decisions from, and that allows you to immediately use to retest your treatment. I found that the CAFS had a lot of great information which gave me more ways to treat a patient once I made some decisions, but that it wasn’t as effective as a screening/evaluation tool. Good luck!


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